21 June 2010

4 weeks...

Why no, I still cannot believe I'm pregnant. Though my body can. Achy and exhausted all the time! Also exceptionally emotional. Poor husband... But otherwise doing well physically.

I was marveling just this morning about there being a little person inside of me. So crazy. And the Lord has deemed it good that we be parents? Also very crazy. I haven't had a lot of feelings of inadequacy that I'm sure will come in the future; mostly just feelings of wonder and awe. And such gratefulness. I get to be someone's mom.

I am also intensely paranoid that we'll miscarry. It happens often. I know in my head that it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's still a scary thought. But, so far, everything's been so blessedly "normal" that I shouldn't be worried. I need to trust that God is good and therefore His plans are good. Even if they hurt.

To celebrate, Stephen and I had a feast of steak, fresh corn on the cobb ($1/5! at HEB), and a mountain of steamed broccoli (which I mostly ate). I say it was a delicious repast. For now, I'm keeping busy making bibs and burp cloths. I wish I could show you a picture, but our camera's battery charger is broken, and we're choosing not to fix it until we have more funds. Hopefully I'll be moving on to blankies by next week. We shall see!