20 February 2014

Sorry Sorry

Sorry I've been M.I.A. here. I've been a little MIA everywhere. It has been a busy Winter (I first called it Spring but it's still February, and I need to be fair to the seasons).

I have no adoption news, and probably won't have anything good on that front for some time. Our resolve has not lessened in any way; we just don't have any "moves" to make. So we wait, and God works on me while we do.

I'm 15 weeks along now. This pregnancy has been weird. I think it's been the least bothersome first trimester (I didn't actually throw up even once!), and of course, it's been hard to not be scared I'm not pregnant anymore because I haven't been feeling too terrible. I think there are things with our adoption that have been adding to my fear of losing this kiddo.

Ezra's language abilities have bloomed like... quickly and riotously blooming things? Sunflowers? I dunno. Whatever, huge jump in language has corresponded with huge behavioral changes that are eating my lunch have been difficult to adjust to.

He's never before had a real tantrum, like with the screaming and the hitting. Until 2 months ago when he started talking so much. But now he does and WOW he is strong and loud. But he wants to play with me more and he's more affectionate (when he's in a good mood). Very Jekyll & Hyde. He's as cute as ever when he's sleeping though (too bad it's been an hour and a half since we put him to bed and he's in his room talking to himself, lol).

Spring Break is our big date in the Spring semesters (in the Fall it's SCW, our student retreat). Coming up! So, so happy to have a week break. Also, Stephen's going to enter full-time support-raising after that, so I'm really excited for him to not have so many ministry responsibilities. I love our jobs except when it's been like it has the last month, when we haven't both had two full days off work per week in weeks. It was just bad timing, where I was preparing for a main-session teaching for our Women's Retreat, and then Stephen taught the Sunday morning after we got back, and he's doing a main-session teaching at the Men's Retreat next weekend.

I'm glad I got the chance to speak like that, but I don't think I need to do it again. Sadly, Stephen felt the same way after his first teaching, but he doesn't have the luxury of refusal. :)

We'll find out the sex of the baby in April, which will be exciting! I think it's a boy. Getting it on the record now!