13 November 2010

Diaper Bag Dilemma

Okay cloth mommas,
I think the most overwhelming thing to me (at least this week, ha) is what sort of diaper bag do I need? Stephen wants one that isn't so girly that he looks stupid carrying it (and I totally don't blame him. He's awesome about holding my purse when I go to the bathroom, so I think major props go to my man), and I don't like super-girly things anyway. I don't think we can use a backpack because, apparently as both being staff, we both frequently are already wearing backpacks. My backpack isn't enormously full most of the time, but I couldn't just give Stephen my backpack when he has the baby cause it still has my wallet and keys and glasses and half a dozen other things I need with me. I also don't want to carry around a suitcase on my shoulder. I don't want to fall into the trap of filling up a bigger space with more stuff that we may not need.

That being said, I know cloth diapers (we'll be using cloth wipes as well) and the wet/dry bags will take up some space. I think the longest he'll be away from the changing table (without it being a trip) would be homegroup nights and church on Sundays. Since we live in the middle of town, it's not hard to stop by the house in between errands (which I often do because I'm disorganized and have forgotten something I need anyway).

Another thing that has blown me away is many diaper bags are SO EXPENSIVE. Or it feels that way. I don't pay $40 or $50 for a purse, or jeans, or shoes, or almost anything. If I'm gonna pay that much, I want to flipping LOVE this bag. For that price, I could get a really cute coated canvas shopper from Fossil. But I have no idea if it'd be big enough.

Also also also, I don't want to give in to mommyfrump. Ya know? I work with 19 year old girls as a job and a calling! I'm already not a put-together-kinda-gal, so I at least want the thing I'll have on my arm probably almost constantly for years to not look frumpy, matronly, and old. Is it so bad to want to give the appearance of being a cool mom?

ALLLLLLLLL of that to say, any great finds on diaper bags? If it's more expensive, do you think it might last through, oh, say four kids?

04 November 2010

Baby Prep

I mean, what else is going on in my life?
As our little bit gets more and more active and we get closer and closer to February (tho I think he's coming in March), I contemplate all of the information I'm receiving from various sources on parenting and what's best.

What a lot to wade through! Weaning, co-sleeping, introducing solids, scheduling, diapering, when to have subsequent children... all of what I'd planned on doing is still up in the air, as more and more information leads to more and more options.
And, as the time draws nigh (okay, we have several months, but they're several busy, busy months!), I wonder if I'll even have the courage to make decisions and follow through with them, even if there's pressure from family members to do it another way.

How do other moms navigate those things? I feel like it was a big step to decide we wanted a midwife and a homebirth, and we definitely met some resistance. All our parents and family members are very, very well-meaning, and I don't think we'd be undermined in our wishes by either families. But for some reason, I still feel pressure to do things the way they were done with us when we were children. Maybe that's not even being felt on their sides; it could very well just be my own insecurities. Does this get better? Or, heaven help me, worse? Eek!

But I have so enjoyed my little active boy. He was ricocheting from one side of my uterus to the other this morning. THUMPthump...THUMPthump... over and over on a tilted axis of my upper right to lower left. Hope it doesn't hurt him to hit his head like that. I'm not sure of this, but he seems really strong for only 23 weeks - he wakes me up with his exercises at night and in the morning, and I can see him kicking on the outside, not just feel it when I put my hand on my tum. I'm just thankful he can't yet reach my ribs! Although I'm nervous it means he'll be like me in temperament, instead of like my placid husband. I guess that's just one more thing I have to let go of - letting our baby be exactly who he is, and not hoping for a tiny copy of my husband.

01 November 2010

A Cooking Aside

So for dinner tonight, I decided I'd use the sweet potato that'd been sitting on the counter begging to be eaten (as every worthy vegetable does) for about two weeks.

I was going to slice and fry it like I do regular potatoes (fried things are so great.), but my conscience (and my cheeks, which are slowly but surely becoming more and more chipmunk-y) smote me. So, like a good pregnant woman, I dipped them in egg and baked them. Best odds, anyone?

Result? Oh, right, I'm not a huge fan of sweet potatoes. Because they're quite sweet. but potato-y. Perhaps one could make it almost a dessert by adding of spices I could guess at but have no idea if they would work.

In any case, I do approve of the dipping in egg and baking, which I wasn't sure I would, since eggs are really gross. I'm wondering if even some Panko crusting would make it better, or if it would just waste my Panko. I will, at least, do it again with normal potatoes. Normal potatoes are wonderful.

No pictures, as I made steamed broccoli as well, and it must be served as quickly as it's cooked. Stephen won't eat it cold, and I hate eating it cold myself. [Django, on the other hand, will take cooked broccoli any way he can get it. Dogs are so weird.]