22 March 2013

Fundraising Friday

We got ANOTHER $1,100 donated to Lifesong for Orphans toward our account (#3243)! That brings the total amount down to a little over $8,000!

Our garage sale is April 6th. Please pray that it will bring in at least $1,000. I'm asking the Lord for at least $1,500.

15 March 2013

Fundraising Friday

Hey y'all. Look at me! Two weeks in a row. So proud of myself.

So far, our Lifesong for Orphans account is at $2,432.65! So great. Also (as I mentioned earlier this week), Stephen's songs have brought in $30.67 (after fees)! So wonderful and special of our friends.

So just this week, we are almost $200 closer to our goal! Only $9,287 to go!

13 March 2013

Adoption Processing

Sometimes I miss the hurryhurryhurryhurry of the first part of adoption. I miss going to check the mail, thinking that something exciting might be there. I suppose I miss tangible progress, perhaps. I'm not sure.

I am glad our adoption isn't all-consuming this semester. And it's nice to have the most disappointing thing be that I forgot stamps AGAIN. [seriously, how many times can you forget to look at the list you've just been using Michelle how many times.]

But the hardest thing is that I can't make this process go any faster at this point. Of course I have our dossier all ready to go when we need it. And I have everything we need to travel (except the rest of our immunizations and Ezra's passport) when it's time. But we're #13 on the list; time won't be now anytime soon. And I am glad to have the opportunity to keep checking in with the Lord. You know, "Is this the right path? Is there a better one?" I'd love for Him to say, "Yes! Here's the child you should go adopt right now!" And I'd so welcome that. But I wonder if God will keep us on the waiting list because it is good to wait. I've always been terrible at delaying gratification. I know this is growing me in ways I'd rather not have to.

Well, even though it doesn't bring us closer to our child any faster, here's what we have going in terms of fundraising events soon:

* up now: Stephen's songs available to stream for free and download to benefit our adoption.
* up now: our Lifesong for Orphans fundraiser is chugging along.
* April 6th: our next (perhaps last?) garage sale fundraiser! Both of our previous garage sales raised $1,000. I'm praying for $1,500 from this one!
* April 27th-ish: our fancy-dancy craft/art bazaar and silent auction. I haven't figured out what day/time/place we'll have it, but definitely that weekend. If you have something you'd like to donate, contact me! mmmraowATgmailDOTcom : D

12 March 2013

New Music!

The day finally arrived (yesterday)! Stephen put two songs online to stream and download. I know I'm biased and I married him partially because he makes great music. Still. It's fantastic (for a home recording).

The proceeds go toward our adoption, so that's helpful. But I'm most excited for people to hear what music Stephen can make recording in a closet and using free samples. :)


08 March 2013

Fundraising Friday

What can I say? God's people are awesome. This week we had another $890 come in at Lifesong on our behalf. Some people have given extravagantly. We've had a couple give almost $1000! And a very small business donate $500! And one of my close friends gave us $250 for her birthday (I mean, I don't think it technically was for her birthday, but it was on her birthday, so I'm counting it). We've had family give, and people we barely know give. What a salve to my gifts-loving heart.

Sooooo, $10,375 - $890 = ... $9,485! We're in the thousands (not ten-thousands? the four-digits? quarter-digits? How does that work?)!!!!!

We're nailing down dates to have our next garage sale AND our big exciting craft / art bazaar this weekend. Man, April will be just as busy as the rest of the semester! It's nice, honestly, to have to fundraise, even apart from all the good things it does for my heart, just to give me something to do. My hope is so flimsy and feeble; I do struggle with having two months of being the same number on the waiting list. Stupid #13. Wanting to ask again, "Lord, is this the right path? Did we err?" Watching Ezra enjoy playing with other toddlers and waiting for a sibling for him. Holding a friend's baby and wondering if anyone is holding mine. Man. I don't like it! But I believe my heart can be guarded by the peace that passes understanding, as I present these fears and requests and hopes and disappointments and yearnings to Him. In the meantime, we'll just keep chipping away at that number up there!

07 March 2013

Art and March

Y'all. I hate March. I know for sure I've said it before on here, but when the seasons change, I just about can't take it. I get so restless and wild-eyed. I desperately struggle with impulses while driving to get on the highway and just go. anywhere. Anywhere that's awaaaaay from here! But I also like the being trapped part (yes, my favorite people in the world trap me, in the best way), because it allows things my heart yearns for to bubble up to the surface. Things I usually just hush up.

Almost a decade ago, I started making art. It wasn't very good, but it was exactly what I needed. I can't make a picture look like the thing it's supposed to represent to save my life (seriously, someone should make a torture movie where the victim's lover will be shot if the victim can't draw a dog that couldn't also be a horse or an octopus. I mean, I wouldn't watch it, but still, you're welcome, creepy Hollywood execs.) But I love to put the way I feel in color. And to have to do it layer by layer for like a month.

Man, art supplies are expensive. I put everything I wanted to make a few pieces that are burning a hole in my brain, and, wouldn't you know, $150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So. I bought supplies to make one piece. You will almost assuredly never see anything I make. But, just know, I've decided to not need to make things that are mind-blowingly wonderful in order to enjoy making. So there, part of me that can't handle not being immediately good at something. Take that! You won't quash my creativity under the weight of shame any longer. Also, you're a poopyhead and we're breaking up.

[It's actually more likely that we'll just drift apart.]

01 March 2013

YAWL!!! Fundraising Friday Edition

Exciting news to report! As of 2/25, people have donated $1,375 to Lifesong for Orphans on behalf of our adoption!

I have to confess, I've started a post a couple of times to address my fundraising fears. It's one thing to do things like garage sales and bake sales (where you provide a good or service). I doubt anyone reasonable would have a problem with fundraising those ways. But outright fundraising? Another story.

There are people whom I love and respect (and whose respect I'd enjoy having) who do not think it's right to fundraise for an adoption. And I understand a lot of the reasons behind it. I feel especially vulnerable giving letters to people I care about and not knowing if they'll think less of me for having done so. It's painfully clear to me that I don't have $12,000 laying around to pay for our adoption ourselves. It's also clear to me that, due to the nature of our job, it's probably not wise to take out a loan to repay that sum over time (besides, my husband reacts to debt as if he has a fatal allergy; I know there would be no way to convince him it was wise to borrow money for pretty much anything except our house). So, although we will do whatever needs to be done to raise the amount we need to bring home our child, here I am, little envelopes in hand, a bundle of nerves.

So, as you can see, at least some people aren't offended by our letters! Yay! It's so... humbling. and overwhelming. Honestly. Here's my train of thought. I know what kind of mom I am: a normal one. I do some things well; I struggle in other areas. No supermom in this house! But to have people who know me believe in our ability to parent a child well enough to give money entrusted to them by God in order to make that happen? Crazy. Crazy. Srsly.

Also, generosity. My heart is whelmed. As my friend Macie says, "melty heart!" I have melty heart for my friends' sacrificial giving to make our dream come true.

So, $11,750 - $1,375 = $10,375! So close to being in the single thousands! ...the not-ten-thousands? the four-digits? Ah, you get it.